About us

We're on a mission to create lasting, impactful change by partnering with social purpose organizations through digital design.

Holly King

Founder, designer

London, UK

Joshua King

Founder, developer

London, UK

A source of life

The Tigris river is a metaphor for us of being a life-giving resource. We work with brands and organisations that nourish communities and focus on contributing to a more just and inclusive world. 

You may have a radical idea to improve the lives of people, too. We make that vision visible.

More about us

We're Studio Tigris, a team of designers, creatives & developers who believe in the power of social purpose organisations to effect lasting, positive change in the world.

We provide digital design services and support to organisations doing impactful work around the world. We work along side them to increase their visibility, impact and reach in the digital space so that more people can benefit from the work they are already doing.

Who we serve

Studio Tigris was founded to serve individuals, companies and NGOs by furthering the work that they are doing in the social purpose space, increasing their impact.

Matching inspiring work with inspiring design solutions, Studio Tigris is all about helping the people who are helping people.

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Graphic Design

Create meaningful, irresistible brand identities. We immerse ourselves in the story and strategy behind your brand. This as our north star as we craft your brand, so that every element reflects your vision and furthers your mission.

Brand strategy / Naming / Positioning / Messaging Visual identity / Brand guidelines / Print collateral / Illustrations


Web Development

We design compelling sites that are functional, engaging and persuasive. We specialize in creating custom WordPress sites, but we develop on a number of other platforms too.

Sitemaps / Content maps / Wireframing / Design / Development / Testing / Launch


Create auditory elements to enhance your brand. Talented musicians and producers in our team translate your visual identity into outstanding music.

Podcasts, YouTube channels, jingles, voice-overs; sound sets you brand apart and expresses your story through a unique, emotive medium.

Sound bites / Full length background tracks / Voice-overs / Producing / Mastering

Motion Graphics

Movement brings character to your brand in an impressive way. Communicate your services or products quickly through memorable, clear videos and motion graphics, and delight your audience with motion that stops them scrolling.

Logo animation / Motion graphics / Animated icons / Explainer videos / Product intro videos / Promotional Videos​

Tell us about you...

Book a call with us here. We’d love to get to know you, and hear a little more about what you’re doing.